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Hotel Damji proudly presents the best address in town, offering you Ultimate Luxury and Unlimited Pleasure. 
Check- in and let us make your Stay at Dwarka unforgettable. Spacious rooms, Modern amenities, Ample Parking Space, and Calm Atmosphere makes Hotel Damji a perfect destination to stay, in Dwarka. With almost 2 decades of experience in the hospitality business, our team knows exactly what you want, and it gives us immense pleasure in serving our guests right.
Dwarka is One among Four Hindu 'Dhams', One among Seven 'Puris' and is popularly known as 'Moksh Puri- A city that, if visited, makes a person free from the cycle of life and death'. Dwarka is located on the Western tip of India and is surrounded by the beautiful Arabian Sea. It is the place to get yourself rejuvenated and to let your stress flow into the deep sea.
Take a visit at Lord Shri Krishna's Kingdom- Dwarka.  
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Dwarka Hotels
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Dwarka is one among four DHAMs and One among seven PURIs-popularly known as MOKSHA PURI, have virtual Tour to Holy Dwarka